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Daniel Fuller: Sleepless Mother

August 6 - 13, 2021
Opening: Friday, August 6th, 5:00 - 9:00 pm

South Etna Montauk

6 South Etna Avenue

Montauk, NY 11954


(Montauk, NY) – An attempt at measuring the immeasurable.


I am a self-taught outsider who navigates his practice without the boundaries or borders that restrain one’s ability to reveal the unseen. My process pushes beyond the status quo of documentation and static mode of representation to look deeper than the surface layer of what one perceives and reveal the obscured interweaving of the controlled chaos of nature. Here one finds the mysteries of form, color and texture that activate visual thinking to create new meanings. By not having a readily identifiable structure, and therefore open to one’s interpretation and imagination, it lets us embark on an unexpected journey into a luminous nocturnal landscape illuminated by the full moon, allowing for deeper modes of seeing, feeling and transporting the viewer’s imagination to drift to an entirely new dimension.


By capturing the flux of activity, of being alive, and watching this timeless dance of perceptual change – the massive shifts of weather, water and air right before me – I find an infinite space of possibilities and wonder. A space of ever-evolving, rapidly transforming visual configurations. It is in that space where I embark on a voyage of the senses, feeling a deeper understanding of all existence. Within this more conscious presence of being, with all senses heightened, I find my ultimate state: observing without thought, intimate unity without sense of separation, the essence of oneness.


Often the sea’s very absence of form invites us to another horizon: that blurry boundary between water and air, and it is in the blur, beyond the surface layer, where we look deeper and find form in the formless, revealing the unrevealed.

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